Each moving atom in the universe,
Shudders from its place for a purpose.
It transfers energy to the neighbouring atom.
The never-dying energy moves on and on.

The air that flows, the rays that shine.
The birds that fly, the greens that twine.
Rotating wind mills and bells of shrines,
They attain energy from all these primes.

A wink or a blink of an eye once or twice
Times you looked at me with a smile.
Immensely grateful for such vibes,
‘Cause they shake me up like roaring tides.

Each moving atom in the universe,
Shudders from its place for a purpose.
For when you pass through paths across me,
The signals grab me, not letting me free.

They hold me, they suffocate me,
They hurt me, they strangulate me.
They’re as dark as a deep blue sea,
And I know that its my only key.

The flame that resides within me,
No, it won’t subside that easily.
It keeps me burning wide awake, alive.
It gives my eyes the much needed light.

The spark of me in me is long gone,
The only left is the one you brought.
The power your presence gave me,
It keeps me living on and on.


No, I’m in no haste ’cause
the best is worth some wait.

So love me or shower some hate
’cause I’m no more a part of this race.

Times when I participated,
It never got me wasted.

The lessons got me prepared
for the tests that life awaited.

So I’m definitely in no haste for
the best is worth some wait.

Always be ambitious for the goals dreamt of
’cause time waits for none, it just buzzes off.

I dont wish to be vandalized.
Time leaves people paralysed.

So what if my needs occasionally haunt me,
I wont ever let them rule; take charge of me.

So here I independently stand in no haste
’cause I know the best is worth some wait.

Déjà Vu

Sculpted with layers of fragrant moldable clay,
Innocence overpowered her beauty yet again.
A heart as soft as a fresh red rose,
Foxes tried their best to snatch away her soul.

Consistently observing and discovering herself,
Searching for rays of hope amidst darkness.
People came and stayed for a while by her side,
Some became a lesson and others just a smile.

In a kingdom full of violent and cruel stabbers,
She was unaware of herself being a warrior.
Seemingly weak among the weakest of hearts,
She was raging a battle against all the liars.

Drifting away from her dark inner self,
Trying hard to escape loneliness,
Gasping hard to catch hold her breath,
Letting tears out in complete bewilderness.

The times when she got hurt and oppressed,
She smiled hiding chaos, avoiding all the stress.
A sour drop trickled from the corner of her eyes,
Her silence gave the most cold scary threats.

She had forgotten the feeling of being in love
And desperately started longing for being loved.
Sunshine had stopped brightening her days,
Dew no more appeared like diamonds on hay.

In the race of being as successful as a king,
She was far away from committing sweet sins.
Baffled yet setting the surrounding world right,
Battles never brought this knight any plights.

Such were the positive vibes she radiated,
The shine of her eyes lit all that was obscured.
While she was composed with uttermost charm,
The fairytale ended as I woke up to the alarm.

The Innocent Falsifier

The softest yet the strongest,

You may never see the pain inside.

Sleep is the best tranquilizer, she says,

She goes to bed earliest at nights.


Though she’d witnessed uncountable sleepless nights

But the heart has decided to be as cold as ice.

For the sake of not bothering people anymore,

She avoids deep conversations and ugly fights.


The peaceful essence of the aura she discovered

Was in the company of no human but herself.

She found solace with her thoughts all restricted

To herself, she kept all the fuss and the mess.


Its so much fun to deceive the ones who

brag about knowing her the best, inside out.

She happily laughs out the pain inside,

For she wants nobody to see her gloomy eyes.


The blames of being ruthless are no less.

All they see is just the cape of rudeness.

For the rude is not ever rude, she says.

Her shell is as hard as iron, she exclaims.


She’s afraid to be mocked and laughed at.

Her thoughts and perceptions are always so deep.

No, the narrow minds wont ever understand,

What it actually takes to be me.


Guardians who incorporated fantasies in bubble-heads,stories of angels and amusing fairy lands.

Introduction to an imaginary world so heavenly, goofs deceive us creating traps, happily!

And just when you get hit by maturity, life itself becomes a huge responsibility.

Though growing up feels like an ecstasy but, Alas! It brings melancholy.

Expectations of a beautiful world disappear in a count of three, as if a rebirth in existing reality.

Emotions as if an imaginary concept, they are no more a part of life’s context.

When bitter harsh truth strikes young minds, they effortlessly become one of a kind.

Honesty, loyalty and compassion are all lost, lust is what people believe in, the most.

Feelings and sentiments are difficult to express, dilemma it is when one wants to confess.

Yes fake is what is trending today, falsifiers succeed in making out their ways.

But then the darkness fascinates a lot, silent nights become best of the slot.

Faint morning sunshine of every dawn sets in fear and begins to haunt.

So why are the people so depressed?

Does it actually feels like falling off a crest?

Its after a fall when people rise up and shine.

Its after a fall when people realise

what actually exists and what are universal lies.

Through all such devastating obstacles of life, one girl gave her fall a tough fight.

Kins tried hard to bring back her smile, she converted depression into a great flight.

Oh Creator on Earth!

Our good-old pictures in the extreme drawer,
Remind me of days when there was no chore.
Mornings begun with my leap onto his lap.
Tickle-fights that we had often made me gasp.

We waited six days for weekend to arrive.
Each Sunday was Father’s family-time.
Some days we went shopping, somedays to dine.
Winter-evenings were fixed for chicken and rice.

Dropping us to school was a part of his routine.
Not a day he missed except when we had leaves.
Melatonin still wakes him up at 6:00 am sharp.
It has been a practice since years from past.

You work each day to be upto the mark.
Daddy, you dont ever let us sink into the dark.
We feel fearless beneath your strong arms.
Your smile is everything for me to be calm.

My pain gives you pain, I hate to see you cry.
So this smile, though sometimes fake; I’ll not let it die.
I fear those fierce red-sclera, for sure.
I wont give you a chance to complain, no more.

As you’re moulding and carving me to give the final touch.
I’ll always obey you dad; Please dont ever misjudge!
I’ll keep sharing my happiness with you, no doubt.
I’ll hide all worries and hold back tears, never letting them out.

You brought me to the world by putting life into me.
You taught me to be the way no one could ever be.
I feel immensely blessed for having such genes.
Dad, I promise to follow the imprints of your feet.

Your teachings have made me strong and bold.
Yes time passes by, no one can take its hold.
I promise as I grow up and you grow old.
I’ll be with you in all warmth and cold.

Unsung Rescuers

Like a serene song without vocals.
It is a treat to shattered souls.
As though an opera, never ending.
Musicians keep creating new notes.

The pompous show goes on and on.
Spectators! Its absolutely free of cost.
No tickets, no passes; just give them a glance.
They dazzle lovely shades as they beautifully dance.

Thousands of types in water everywhere.
From high mountain streams to oceanic catacomb.
From goldfish to molly and clownfish to gourami.
And I love all the ones embellishing my home.

Why everytime felicitate rabbits, dogs and cats?
When you can have fishes to care for and look at.
No worries of getting shitty carpets turned horrible!
Trust me for they are innocent and damn gullible.

As calm as the sea, they are so quiet, in peace!
They exhibit attractive moves as they finely spree.
They can sense arriving disaster that nature brings.
Flying fishes I admire, I too want those wings.

You can leave them home alone.
Fishes dont expect you to stay.
They never cry and groan.
They dont mind it anyway.

They arent ferocious and savage.
No they dont ever sabotage.
They’ll always be on a mission to rescue.
Cause’ they are optimists of the darkest hue.